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Gregory picked up one of the folders and flipped through it. It was rather nasty, he had to admit. But he really couldn't bring himself to be or even pretend to be at all bothered by it. This, at least, wouldn't be making him lose any sleep.

"They certainly know how to make a mess."

He flipped through it, doing his best to memorize the case files. After a few minutes of reading, he set it aside and began considering the situation in general. They were a rather varied group, but he didn't think there would be much trouble on that particular front.

The Psyker shivered, his mind still recovering from leaving the Black Ships. He was cold at the best of times, but after being in the presence of the Sisters of Silence, he always felt numb to anything else. It wasn't just the unnerving nature of everyone around them being psychically luminous while they were absolutely dead in it, or the profound wrongness of them, but the fear and almost pain they evoked in him.

The ever-present feeling of fear and pain that seemed to be omnipresent inside those craft didn't make him feel better either. I had really hoped I would never travel on those again. He sat down and leaned back, trying to get a few minutes of sleep.

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