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Here is a sample of a New Format/Script option:

Knights of the Old Republic: Revenge of Revan:

Title Crawl:
A Long time ago, in a galaxy far far away....
It is a time of restlessness for the galaxy. With the Jedi Purge finally at an end the Jedi struggle to rebuild their damaged ranks and influence. The Jedi sense that the republic will face one if it's greatest threat ever. With planets wanting to become more self governing to protect their own worlds, the Jedi fear that if the planets to become more self governing then the Republic will be weakened and easily taken over in it's current state. In the distant shadows of the galaxy lies a threat ready to strike....

The Story:

-Pan down from the title craw to a space station orbiting a planet. The planet will be Corellia. A space ship will come out from a cloaked position and fire upon the space station. Fade out from the uncloaked vessel firing upon the space station. Fade in to the interior of the space station, where the player will see several computer stations and NPC's working at those stations. Focus on a computer council with two officers in the midst of a conversation.-

Corellian Officer:
I don't know Sir! It just came out of no where.

Corellian Commander:
Get a lock on it and stay with it. Make sure it doesn't...

-Corellian Commander will be interrupted by several blasts from the Unknown Ship. Fade out from the computer councils exploding. Fade back in with blasts coming from the Space Station. Player will watch the Space Station fall into the below planet's orbit and the Unknown ship returning to a cloaked position, camera will fade out after the ship has vanished-

-Fade back in to a Jedi Padawan practicing with sensor droids. A Jedi Master will walk up near the Jedi Padawan. A conversation between the two will start.-

Jedi Master Quan Drayen:
You are advancing well young padawan. I have a feeling that soon the Jedi Consul will promote you to the status of Jedi Knight. Keep in mind however that the force is always in motion, always designing a new destiny. A new fate.

Player Character:
1.Thank you, master.
2.It is thanks to you and your training master that has allowed me to become a good student.
3.Good, I have been patient for to long with the counsel. I should have already been made a Knight master. They are to slow.

Master Drayen:
(In response to the Second Option)
There is no need to humble me. Your desire to that which is good and helpful towards others is the reason why you have advance so well. But keep in mind that at times a choice to help another, may harm many more. Every action will have a result, bad, good, or even both. Think wisely on your choices.

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