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Hey im new with some questions...

Hello people... Im new on this site...
I was polaying around cleaning up in my house when I found the game.... jk2...
It is by far one of the best games I have ever played, and I wanted to play it again... and so I did...
Then I discovered that there are still people out there discussing this game!!!
I never knew about all these cool things I could do until I discovered this site!!!!!!

I could make maps and all that stuff!!!
thats pretty cool!!!!
Do I need to know a lot about programming or is it pretty easy?
and where can I download ready made maps?

also are the maps only for multiplayer or you can make for single player?
and how do you play them, if they are not part of the official game?
where can I get jkradiant or whatever its called....

This is awesome!!!! I never found a game like this packed with so much goods!!!
is the map thingy an official thing from lucasarts or someone made it?

well thats enough questions for now.... sorry for asking too much... guess I am a bit surprised... I just need to be pointed in the right direction and I will figure it all out
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