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Originally Posted by Maxstate
G_dismember (value)
Cg_dismember (value)

I usually just set those to really high values (knowing their actual max values are pretty low) and that works for me. You have problems with dismemberment?
Nope, I meant the g_sabermorerealistic or was it g_saberrealisticcombat in single player to get that crazy saber fights. If my memory serves me well it was write protected as well.

Got a clue you may want to try out:
Dismemberment wasn't working. And when I typed g_sabermorerealistic in the console it told me that the command was write protected.
But then I discovered that if you enter the console in the startup screen or in the load screen and type ''exec autoexec'', the write protection is passed through and you can get dismemberment working.
So put "seta fs_game ojpenhanced" in autoexec.cfg (or perhaps other cfg) and exec it ingame.

First Method: You can use a commandline method where you hold down shift when you start up JA. Type in the following on one line:

+set g_sabermorerealistic 3 +set helpusobi 1

Continue on starting up the game.
This is what I told you about before. Try with +set fs_game "ojpenhanced"

Good luck.

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