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Originally Posted by Kain Darro
I verily dissagree. The SW rpg, Saga edition, uses just that. You chose your class, you chose your race, you chose your faction orientation. It does work for SW, in fact, it works better for SW than any thing else. There are more races in the galaxy than in any fantasy setting, and any race can be anything. Some might be better at some things in minor ways, but the possiblities are endless.
Multi-player tabletop RPG =/= MMORPG

Two different mediums.

I wrote a very long response, but then I realized that I'm probably in a very lonely minority that thinks sandbox MMOs are generally horrible ideas for the purpose of achieving mass-market appeal.

Dozens of Jedi Wookies mulling about Anchorhead = dumb. The freeform approach of sandbox MMOs undermines the setting IMO, and ultimately returns little back to the lore/mythology to universe. I'd much rather my MMO be built around an actual plot, which would generally necessitate some restrictions among race and class combinations for the sake of logical consistency.

Logging in night after night for the purpose of progressing through the game's content > Logging in night after night to achieve some abstract notion of *uberness*

There's a reason why my WoW guild has adult couples who play every night, and it's not because they like to see how skilled they can get at killing level 71 elementals or how rich they can get selling crafted epics, nor because they get a thrill out of wtfpwning people. That is what a Star Wars MMO must tap into if it hopes to be competitive with WoW (and I think it can be, if LA wants it to be).
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