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Originally Posted by Negative Sun
... Up to 3X more improvement can be a good thing I suppose, especially at those ultra high resolutions (2,560x1,600) that only some wackos would ever use
c'mon negsun, envy is not good for your know you want such a monitor. I saved for a year to get it and it was worth it indeed Thoigh somewhere in my mind, I will eventually contemplate a 40" version but would prefer OLED because of size/weight/less power.

Its good to see your eyes are opening to the benefits of SLI/XF, though being a power efficiency nut and Im unlikely to ever go for it, unless they make ultra efficient single pcb cards that will fit in an SLI smallform.... (Im shudder to think at the cost of such a setup, especially with x4/DDR3 added in)


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