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The bunker seemed to last on, as Jak had to shoot his way through five rooms to get to the sixth. Everything was shadowed in darkness as the lights had been purposly turned off to make the task more difficult. But little did Nobo the Hutt knew what feats Jedi had possessed, as Jak had used Force Sight as a form of Night vission.

The process of killing his way to the 6th room, where Solo had obviously been held captive, seemed to be repative, as Jak had to hide behind plasteel cylindars and shoot thugs with his blasters continuously.

He activated his Lightsaber, allowing the radial light to illuminate the darkness (so he can give his limited Force Powers a break). The door before was locked tight, and most likely out of his league in terms of breaking its security. But that wasn't to stop him from breaking through.

He stabbed his saber through the solid metal door...
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