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Allana couldn't wait any longer. And so, she ran towards her father and hugged him. "Daddy, Daddy, I've missed you so much!" she said in her little sweet tone.

She held Jacen, the stuffed tauntaun, high in the air, so Caedus could see him. "Jacen missed you too!" She smiled brightly.

Akira watched as Caedus's daughter ran to him with open arms. It was a real blessing to see a child with her father again... even through hard times. She wished that her father was here too...

The young woman walked over by D.J, and stared at Allana and Caedus in awe. "I don't know, D.J... they look so... happy together. I wish I had a father like that."

She shook her head smiling, trying to hide the tears. "What can we do?" Akira was torn between her duties to protect Allana from Caedus to giving Allana back to a lonely father.
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