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I think the way it was handled in the early SWG was quite fine, _everyone_ had a chance of becoming a Jedi but it was very very difficult and a long long path to which lets say "casual" players didnt have the time or dedication for. This way you will have some Jedi and some Sith which should afaik be part of a SW game esp if it is set in an area where these 2 partys battle each other.

It would be a terrible mistake to allow everyone to be a jedi from the start like it was in the later SWG, because Jedi are lets exaggerate abit, demi-gods in SW they are not only supposed to but indeed are stronger and more powerful than normal beings.

So if you let everyone roll a jedi from the start i can tell you 80% or more would do it, so the sultion would be to make jedis so "weak" that all other classes are on par with them and that would kinda screw it.

Another solution, one that would rather fit in an era with less jedis than there were around the KotOR timeline, would be to have gamemasters being jedi“s. But not like GM“s you know from WoW (ingame customer support) but rather as event/community manager, people who do afaik play the game run special quests talk with other people mby even participate in fights on one or another side or try to settle them by diplomacy.
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