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Originally Posted by stoffe
Probably not, Lucasarts seems to have a certain fondness for putting a stop to Starwars mods for games not released by them
Hm any exampleīs for that? I didnt notice them preventing stuff like that and i know of some very good starwars modīs for non-star wars games.
(BF2142 First Strike is the most recent is guess, and Warlords for Homeworld by EvilJedi is another very popular mod)

OT: Iam just glad i predicted this and didnt buy ME for my Xbox, i kinda knew they would sooner or later bring it out for the PC.
And the PC version allows Modīs and Modīs are what makes games like that even more fun to play for even more time!

Iam hoping for alot of sweet stoffe modīs :-)
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