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TOR ate my KotOR
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Originally Posted by Cygnus Q'ol
I didn't mind the male Shepard's voice while going Paragon.
Nothing wrong with the male voice, Jennifer Hale just did an outstanding job IMO. Actually when I wrote that post above I did not have a full appreciation of how good a job Jennifer Hale actually did. Her Renegade voice is classic, you can hear the subtle sarcasm in her voice.
Originally Posted by Jason Skywalker
Any idea on the specs needed?
They have not released the specs as of 02/26/2008. It pushes the Xbox360 to it limit, so Iím hoping my three month old PC can handle them.
Originally Posted by Char Ell
Uh, yeah. I have the feeling I'll be infected with some nasty virus that will require me to stay home for a few days starting May 6. Being the kind, considerate person I am and all I don't want to contaminate my fellow co-workers.
If you are going to do a complete exploration job and you are planning to sleep some, you may want to make it 72-hour virus.
Originally Posted by Sith Holocron
As someone that hasn't played Mass Effect, would it make a good engine for Knights of the Old Republic III?
Iíd like to see how Mass Effect translates to PC before making that determination. However, I would say with a few small tweaks the engine would make a great Star Wars RPG game, including KOTOR III.
Originally Posted by stoffe
I'll post screenshots of my character when I get the game.
Canít wait. All my female Shepardís look basically the same except with different hair styles and color. Now some of the images posted on the Mass Effect forum look amazing. Needless to say my favorite PC creations have been other peopleís work. Although the one time I really worked at it I got a fairly good likeness of myself. No matter your skill level it is hard to create a bad looking PC with the character creation system.

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