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The building had been the place for a big battle between thugs, droids, bounty hunters and mercenaries. Scraps of metal and bodies lay everywhere.

At least I can go faster without any incidents thought the only man standing, Aito.

He saw the door for the elevator had been blasted, nothing remained there, the elevator was on the floor below, so the only way to go was to rappel down. Aito clipped himself to one of the elevator lines and jumped down, slowing himself from time to time, until he reached the roof of the cart. He took out a small fusion cutter and began to cut an entrance, he could hear the blaster fire coming from beyond.

"Looks like its busy here too!" he said with a small chuckle

When he finished cutting, he stepped hard on the make shift entrance he had made and descended to the floor below; noticing the darkness around him he switched his helmet's visual feed to infrared, and looked at all the bodies around him, some of them still warm. After following the trail of bodies, he saw something red hot cutting something that look like a door.

"Jedi" he muttered, and turned off his infrared vision and instead used the headlamps on his helmet. "Don't move!" Aito shouted, aiming his left gauntlet which contained the capture field to his prey's back, "drop your sword slowly jedi and I may take you alive"


The metal door started to change colors, from a cool gray to a smoldering hot red; the jeedai was making his was inside.

"Hey pals, how about you surrender now and I talk to my Jedi friends into arresting you instead of killing you?" asked Han to his captors with a calm smile

"Sorry Solo, but none of us is going to get out of here alive" remarked Tobias, showing that he had a detonator in his hands, which he handed to Nobo; "there are explosives planted on this building foundations, so when somebody presses that detonator, its over"


"Looks like the Colonel is in a pinch!" said Vergo after he saw Jacen activate his lightsaber on the monitor screen, "do we go now?"

Ingrid tried to calculate the odds of Solo, who seemed like one of them 'Sith' she had heard about, "yes; let Iuka take control of the turrets to distract the Jedi, meanwhile you position us above the colonel and I throw in a retrieval line from the barding ramp and bring him and the package on board, let's go!"

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