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As D.J's hand moved to his lightsaber one thought ran through his head. It was to late to do anything. Caedus was completely possessed by his anger. He quickly took his lightsaber in his hand and ignited it. He quickly blocked an attack by Caedus.

"Akira go find Jak and come right back." He said pushing her in another direction. D.J knew what sithlords would do. They would purposly do anything to claim victory. He placed his lightsaber in a ready stance. Realising that there were three possible conclusions. Either Caedus would take his daughter and run away, Caedus would eventually slay D.J or Akira would come back with Jak. But he didn't know what was going to happen. D.J continued to keep his lightsaber elevated and waited for Caedus's first anger filled attack

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