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Originally Posted by Frap
Weren't there a couple of sound files that got cut from Milla's mind where she was having a hardkore fantasy make-out session with Sasha?
That sounds like something someone wanted for their personal use. Vodello is short for vocal bordello.

Originally Posted by Frap
In any case, I'm not sure they were ever together. At most, it's probably a mutual crush neither have admitted to for the sake of keeping world-saving strictly business.
I'm confidant they got together, however briefly. Sasha keeps overreaching himself. Underestimating Raz, "I could lose my job," and "Agent Vodello would kill me."

Milla's puts on a party girl personality, even vamping Raz, a ten year old boy.

At some point Milla and Sasha would inadvertently call each other's bluffs.

Now, their behavior at Whispering Rock may be due to the influence of psitanium, which intensifies mental phenomena. They seem a little unstable for agents. That would explain why they're as far apart as possible with respect to the surface of the earth. Neither touches it, and they're on opposite sides. Taking no chances of making contact.
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