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Suggestion- New Rule

I propose a new rule on this site, that I have seen implemented on another site which helped Administrators and Moderators a lot. Specifically, It's a rule that if followed by most members, will make it easier for Mods and Admins to clean up messes that crazy people sometimes make on forums. The reason this is a good rule idea to implement is this: EX: A person with no life or self control joins the site. The person makes a bunch of spammy posts, possibly very, very, bad offensive posts, including pictures of a wide variety of things I will not mention, or cussing and flaming/spamming/trolling/necroing in the worst manner. Members often react to this very angrily, returning the favor. After the crazy person is banned, the Mods and Admins often have to clean up a huge mess of posts, which greatly annoys them. So here's the rule, created by an administrator from another site I have been on:

When you see somebody breaking the rules in a very major way, just continue on how you were. Do NOT respond to them, do NOT acknowledge their existence in any way. Just inform a moderator or admin.

Please feed the trolls. XD
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