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lucky: think you're most likely right as far as the title being metaphorical, and that she generally meant it as a statement of the ebb and tide of history.

But I also think she had a specific event in mind and pehaps even an individual that would have an impact on events that that Exile was putting into motion within the old republic.

Rev: I don't know that TSL has explicitly stated Vandar's fate other than vague general statements by Kreia and visas about all the Jedi dead on Visas or having renounced the jedi way of life. I figure he probably did, but Idk for sure. Just saying that it would fit a couple of "typological/archetype" patterns that you see established in the first two games for Master Dorak to show up.

k1) This game showcases the Jedi guardian way of life and philosophy on the whole both with the LS and DS. Vandar comes to the rescue with a frontal assault against the star forge much like the Jedi guardians/weapons masters (even if it was with a space fleet). Likewise, the Star Forge is the ultimate weapon for someone strong in the force to use to make a sustained frontal assault on the galaxy.

Malak's strengths and weaknesses seem to point to a very unsubtle mind, and his way of dealing with problems is again, to tackle them directly. "Oh. Taris is in the way of killing Bastilla, wipe the planet from the face of the galaxy." Even your ls/ds options are very straight-forward in most cases with little subtlety or plotting on Revan's part other than the Genoharradan or the ds option to send the Republic against the sith so both of your enemies wear each other down. Likewise, add to this that Vandar's fleet coming to your rescue in the skies above the nameless world is the epitome of how the computer personality test Revan takes when choosing a lightsaber and a class says that a guardian would choose that way to help someone by direct conflict like that.

K2) This game showcases the consular way of life and philosophy again with both LS and DS options. Enemies and allies on every side of you (Kriea, the Jedi council, Atris, G0-T0, Hanhar) are looking to use you to draw their enemies out of hiding, just like the Jedi test in K1 says a councilor would do. Much of the interpersonal interaction is geared towards either Exile's former teachers, or the exile having the opportunity and ability to teach others to follow in his or her footsteps.

And while Kreia's gone horribly wrong from both the Jedi Masters and the Sith Lords, her methods are also straight out of the Jedi counselors methods of fighting. Indirect, and aiming to get her enemies to "see through her eyes rather than closing them forever." It's how she handles Atris and Hanharr, and when she doesn't do that, she gets her enemies to wear each other down by focusing on each other, thus leaving them vulnerable to her. This is also how the former Jedi council on Dantooine are operating (Vrook, Zez Kai El, and Kavar) in combatting their enemies.

K3: What I said previous is why it would be natural to have the third game in the series to focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the sentinal and their worldview. I think this makes a good arguement that they might use Bastilla in a prominent role perhaps as your mentor. And she may be embittered about Revan or undercutting his /her wishes at this point, but I'm not entirely convinced that she's the one Kreia had in mind in telling the exile that there must always be someone who was betrayed and will betray in turn, because of another trend in the first 2 games that I already mentioned.

Of the Jedi council we met in K1, Master Dorak and Master Zhar are unaccounted for. I suppose something could happen with Master Zhar, as he was Revan's direct master when he was trying to relearn the basics, but I really don't think it will be him.

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