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Originally Posted by True_Avery
Having thousands of Jedi wouldn't make sense, but also having none would ruin the popularity of the game. It really depends on where in time the MMO would be set, and what the balance would be.

Having other player classes and limited Jedi is what made Galaxies work so well. It was when the patch came that let everybody be Jedi that killed the game once and for all. So, why not make a sort of Galaxies clone? It was a fantastic game up until LA gave in to the casual gamers and ruined it for everybody.

I dunno about you, but having thousands of Jedi running around buying stuff with credits, dancing naked in the streets and in bars getting smashed would ruin the game just as easy as if you couldn't play them at all. Besides, as has been said, Jedi are overrated to an extent.

I'd much rather be a professional Bounty Hunter or something, seeing as many of the better ones, like Jango and Boba, have been known to kill Jedi for a living. Being a Jedi would be fun, but having everybody be a Jedi or Sith would ruin the epic feeling very very quickly. Whats the point of being 1% of the galaxies population, gifted with supernatural powers and a beam of plasma when you are not unique in any way at all compaired to everybody else?

Remember, even as a Jedi you would not be Revan or Exile. You would be the Jedi cannon fodder that Revan and Exile killed like flies on their way from point A to point B.

Do I have a real opinion on how to do Jedi/Sith? No, not really. But, for the time being, I will trust Bioware with this seeing as they know more about making games than I do.
i strongly agree with this, you need jedi to keep people interested but however they shouldn't be as good as revan to start but with the ablility to get that good at a high level, also it would be fun to be a bounty hunter, or a soldier even, or even a mercinary.
You should also be able to choose your class, and speces, such as mandalorian, human, twilek, transhodian etc.
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