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I really should have read the rules before posting here last night...

Anyway, now I am listening to T.V. Eye by The Stooges. A classic protopunk track from the equally classic Fun House album. While musically and lyrically rather simplistic, it's brought to life by Iggy Pop's vocals and Ron Asheton's excellent guitar work.

Now it changed into 1970 from the same album (I skipped "Dirt" even though it's a nice song as well). Once again a track based on a couple of simple riffs, but about halfway through the song Steve MacKay's saxophone creeps in from out of nowhere causing the rest of the album to go into psychedelic hyper mode.

And since I'm taking forever to post this, the title track of Fun House started playing. This song has a nice funky vibe to it, and Iggy sounds as maniacal as ever.

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