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Post New Weapons From Long Long Ago...


There are several aspects about the existing game weapons physics that I don't like and one of those is the presumptions of range-scatter ballistics and especially the lack of a /real/ (our world physics) explanation of 'how armor vs. shielding vs. blaster bolt really works'.

So, never one to stand back from a chance to be an idiot in higher math, here's my best guess on:

'Blaster Operations 101':

The universe consists of at least two forms of existance. Realspace and Hyperspace. The one like a table cloth of reality draped over the shapeless mass of chaos that is the other and 'forcing the definition of the table' as we know it.

Because Hyperspace is both infinitely powerful and contradictorally unstable it appears to be adding leaves underneath the fixed but infinitely mallable table cloth as the universe expands. Clustered inside hyperspace are masses of super particles which, because of our sensor polarizations we interpret to be 'strings'. There are hundreds of billions of trillions of these strings and though we're 'pretty sure' they aren't animate, we know that they seem to be attracted to rips in the space time continuum and are acting like seamstresses (or pothole fillers) to continually smooth the fabric of space over the expanding discontinuity of hyperspace.

In the weird contradictions of HSpace, strings come in varying 'sizes' from a few feet to light years, and are a true hazard to FTL navigation ranging from a bug on the deflector screen to tire spikes on the road to a redwood lying across it. One thing is certain however and that is that even the smallest strings have HUGE relative mass equal to anywhere from a neutron star to a sizeable black hole in our half of the continuum and so cannot exist in 'realtime' (H-Space has none) because they would self terminate and fold in upon themselves before collapsing back into H-space to remanifest.

However; while strings introduced us to the notion of hyperspace and eventually FTL travel, it was actually in pursuit of that old hack of modern society: clean supra fusion, that they were first discovered. Fusion depends on 'a stable event but no horizon' effect wherein modified dense hydrogen isotopes also fall in upon themselves but don't annihilate into carbon and helium radioisotopes, RF spectrum and simple hydrogen/oxygen plasmas but rather fuze into a continueing singularity of single spectrum delta phase radiation (DPR) energy release with no mass byproducts at all and a simple magnetic conduction sphere conversion to basic electricity or gravimetric wave energy as necessary. DPR is the photon particle equivalent of light in the Hyperspace universe.

Despite the best mathematical prediction engines (and real time quantum instrumentation) of all the scientists involved in the Super Fuze project almost 50,000 years ago, the magnetic sheathing of the containment bottle appeared to be chaotically unable to prevent a radical shift in the core particle progression that endlessly resulted in a destabilizing fusion process focal-train failure which collapsed the bottle from the inside. It was independant fluctuations in this process at varying locations that first led scientists to believe that a 'shark' was lurking below the waters of the unwary exterior environmental controls.

A shark was indeed there in the form of a small string waiting just the other side of the HSpace terminator for the hydrogen to first evanesce DPR across the spectral lines so that it could climb up the particle wake long enough to coexist in our world and 'eat' the force the singularity to swallow the hydrogen.

Learning to create a counter harmonic 'bad taste' to the magnetic bubble, keeping the enhanced energy flow of string phenomena from 'finning' into real space was what (through a few terrible 'whip lash' destructive events of fortunately small string size consequence to the local planets) introduced galactic civillization to the marvels of captured string energy boosting and deep space travel.

Everytime you see a ship move into hyperspace and the starlight shear as the vessel is massively accelerated behind a seemingly horizon wide tidal wave of spatial recession, you are in fact seeing the contained herding of a string collapsing a portion of space around itself so that the ship can travel with it, back into the chaotic realms of HSpace.

Blasters were a side development of New String Theory that occured when it was discovered that a magnetic bottle of sufficiently small size could contain /both/ a fusion particle AND it's string corollary. A string a few feet long could then be partially compressed into one a few inches and eventually millimeters in size before being harmonically 'trembled' so the slightest expansion caused the release of a MASSIVE wave of DPR. Using specialized charged EM compression screens in a series of linear progression 'prismatic aperture gates', the wide band DPR could be largely kept in our universe and focussed into a single twist polarization wave line until it progressed past what became known as the terminator lens which effectively collapsed all bands into a single spear of plasma release.

This plasma is AMAZINGLY hot. On the order of 10 to the 100,000th degrees standard or more than 20 times the core temperature of most suns. It is by far the most lethally destructive force yet known to man yet because it is so powerful, nothing in our universe will provide a decent propogation channel and the radiation dissipates at an equally incredible rate, shortening useful range.

Small hand held weapons are typical in using a '1:2:100' (or simply '121') stringmeter-borecm-rangemeter ratio.

While starship weapons may employ strings several thousand feet long and it is rumored that the Death Star employed core string 'anomalies' (looped or broken string fragments) as much as an AU in length (no mean feat as strings tend to be very small or VERY big and hunting down a middling sized version is usually only possible around large protostar masses of high natural radiation and shifting gravity fields).

The barrel of any weapon emitting such a vicious 'blast' bolt of energy molecularly shifts (jerks up to an 1/8th of an inch actually) between pulses of heat-cool emission thermal cycling in the long 'barrel' path of lenses.

Depending on the skill of the user, this will, in some manner, cause a scattering effect, especially in autofire mode. Yet most energy effects come from simple barrel temp restrictions in the channelization lenses and particularly the need to conserve energy in their shielded adaptive EM waveguides which themselves are highly prone to thermal breakdown if overused.

Hence all blasters have TWO power groups. One a small microfusion string containment cell that is effectively a self contained pocket of hyperspace. The other is battery driven a 'warbler' that powers all the onboard electronics as well as providing the oscillator source to incite the string to pulse out steady trains of DPR into the barrel focussing guides. It is the warbler unit which is discharger limited and MUST BE conventionally magazine traded or recharged.

Armor against what is effectively a compressed energy stream that is less kinetic than incendiary is itself very 'labor' intensive with the idea being to accept and enhance the impact splash-out in a manner that passes the plasma across the widest surface area of high reflectance, ablative, ceramisteel material before passing through the residual thermal energy into a secondary mesh-fibermat inner weave which is a thermo-electrically cooled Peltier Screen actively loaded to further dissipate the beam force exotic material semiconductor switches can reconfigure the net to handle specific local increases of to 50,000 Jules per second . An inner composite hardshell then acts as a final, memory-recovery plastic insulation to protect the skinsuited soldier from spalling as well as heat.

This self-adjusting thermal capacitance defensive capability works supremely well in long range encounters but as the Grand Imperial Armies are being forced into the humanitarian roles of 'peacekeeping' operations against the vile insurgents and criminals of the Outlaw Rebellion, they are occasionally forced in situations where the enemy is fring from ranges at which no armor can stop the ablative flash off penetration through the protection suit. While the astute scientists of Imperial R&D works steadily towards a miniaturized version of our glorious space fleets Ray Shield Technology nominal improvements in tactics and surveillance assures that the fiends of the Rebellion never profit from their dastardly ambushes..


Yeah, Yeah, take if up with Einstein, I never said I was the genious!

With the above as a working fictive hypothesis, then the following starts to make a little tiny bit of sense:


IMO, there should be 'classes' of character as with the old D&D games. Specifically, it should be possible to win as EITHER a 'warrior' (gun toting technologist!) or a 'mage' (sabre wielding cleric telepath diplomat).

Move like big cats. And so they really shouldn't be able to carry very much and still look cool doing so. With a couple Force Power exceptions, Jedi take all of their kills, 'one at a time'; however cool it looks when they do so. This should be their limitation.

Trudge like oxen upon weary flat feet. But they should be able to carry enough armor to shrug off an artillery barrage and enough counterfire to wipe out battallions at every trigger press. MOST importantly, they should be capable of hauling all kinds of 'ammo and combat support' auxilliary gear on whatever the SW equivalent of web gear is.

Shoot More, Win More, Die Less. The First Law Of Firepower.

Given a choice, a Jedi would never carry more than two weapons, at least the inactive one of which would be tightstrapped to his body as a function of 'choosing the path' of maximum agility and minimum signature. All his capability against multiple foes or tougher ones should come from his magic.

Given another option, I would say that even a Warrior should have all or at least most available weapons but only be allowed to carry into any given mission 3-4 total from his armory at a time (chosen in a 'layout prep scene' like Ripley chose her guns in Alien II aboard the dropship).

And while you /can/ pick up 'bonus ammo', especially for some generic Imperial (GI worthless) weapons, from your fallen foe; you SHOULD be forced to fight largely with what you bring in, especially for specialist overkill weapons. This should limit 'Bwuahahahahaha, Git-Sum!' hunting expeditions with Concussion Rifles for instance as you are FORCED to conserve 'boss level' ammo for the damn boss (or armored obstacle or whatever).

A weapon similar to the Derringer of our old west, the Needle Gun doesn't fire projectiles but rather a hair-thin blast pulse that will kill a man only if it hit's his eye, neck or is held precisely over his unprotected (armored, even heavy clothing) heart. Used by gamblers as well as assassins and even Imperial Medics, as a precise backup field scalpel, the weapon is absolutely silent and can be held covertly under the wrist to be quickly wiped across the spine or jabbed under an ear, almost like a knife.

Range is only about 5-10 feet but it can also be Z-mode used as a 'fan' of light to dazzle the retinas. Furthermore the NG has so little metal or energy signature (three uses before recharge) that it will bypass many outer ring security systems without detection.

BRYAR 132.
IMO, the Bryar pistol /looks neat/ That big 'ol barrel with the large undergrip reminds me of the Robocop weapon sized up to focus 'deathrays'. It should however at least have a laser pointer ala Terminator and an onboard flash light for dark area operations would also be very nice.

In our world, the difference between pistols and rifles is MASS of round vs. ACCELERATION of same to absolute range. A .45 will literally knock a bull on it's butt but only from about 10ft. A .223 will kill a bull stone dead with a hole in it's heart and a hydrostatic shock to it's circulatory system from 400yds but only if you hit between the ribs and the shoulder, precisely.

Ass-u-me'ing that it works the same over in the SW universe (and admittedly it's only because I have NTFC about what the 'real reasons are') then, at close distances, an emission aperture say 10mm across should result in a BIG DARN HOLE in anybody, overloading the ST armor's capacitance dissipation capability completely.

At longer ranges, the short bolt dissipation factor should more or cause the weapon to fire, no 'wide' but 'short', of penetration energy.

(note that these are ONE time modifications that cannot be undone or changed to another form so careful selectivity is mandatory)

Under Barrel, Over Caliber Projectile Launcher.
Replacing the flashlight. If Kyle is from some back of beyond frontier world as his homestead indicates, the Bryar should be almost more of a 'utility weapon' designed for rough hunting and selfprotection use against a variety of threats and food animal targets.

An UBOC pumpshot secondary barrel weapon could fire either a grapnel, stun net or a single, 'magnum' capability shell that flew longer, straighter, than a normal blaster bolt only to 'detonate' (microfuse uncontrolled string pulse) at a timered standoff from the laser ranged target distance with a 'ball lighting' like effect as the plasma shock migrated through several piezoelectric crystals set at random in the casing to form 3-6 minibolts of incredible short range power.

Thus IF you can hit what you aim at, you should have a (very slow rate of fire) ranged kill option.

Stealth Penetrator Kit
A new composite teardown frame and shielded power cell reduce the basic operating weight and signature sufficient to pass through most spaceport security at the cost of only 3, 5 round, backups in a specially designed 'carry on' shielded case system.

Because of it's susceptibility to misuse, only Imperial Sky Marshals and Agents of Imperial Counter Intelligence are allowed to carry this mod. Anyone else caught with the gun is considered an assassin subject to Galactic-Penal-Code (GPC) 1527, with a summary trial before Imperial Circuit Judge or Planetary Governor followed by mandatory execution. The Public is actively encouraged of report all violations of the contraband technology and substances code GPC1527 with penalty of death by execution if found to be 'colluding' with the transporter, owner or carrier of said contraband, mandatory interrogation of all colleagues, associates and witnesses to possible transgressions to be carried out by droig administered truth toxin.

Longbarrel Mod
A retuned EM waveguide chain includes a long barrel and integral flash suppressor which allows quiet operations from twice normal standoff making the weapon a Bryar-224. Operates like a needle gun where precise aimpoint control is necessary in 'silent' mode, this weapon will still be inaudible and undetectable to energy discharge sensors at longer ranges where up to 35 shots are available depending on powercell regenerative interval between firings. Full Power mode provides only the standard Bryar 20 rounds but each bolt is more powerful than normal because of the longer focal chain barrel. As a final addition, the sniper scope on this weapon is enhanced with a designated-target lead ranging display capability which allows the player to 'lock on' and have the center pipper displace from the crosshairs of a moving target so that recentering assures a proper hit.

Because of it's susceptibility to misuse, only the Dedicated Professionals of the Imperial Commandos and agents of Imperial Counter Intelligence are allowed to carry this mod. Anyone else caught with the gun is considered an assassin subject to Galactic-Penal-Code (GPC) 1527, with a summary trial before Imperial Circuit Judge or Planetary Governor followed by mandatory execution. The Public is actively encouraged of report all violations of the contraband technology and substances code GPC1527 with penalty of death by execution if found to be 'colluding' with the transporter, owner or carrier of said contraband, mandatory interrogation of all colleagues, associates and witnesses to possible transgressions to be carried out by droig administered truth toxin.

Full Auto Mod
Where the normal Bryar carries only 20 round capacitance power cells, this 'combat' version has a 50 round capability, together with a fold-over-barrel elbow brace and the Mk.5 recoil damper to allow accurate, suppressive, fires equal to or better than the standard STIMP-333 blaster SMG within 50m.

The Monicle Fire Link system, together with the adaptive EM signature profile classification scope, ensures that the player fires only what he 'aims' at or threats carrying energy weapons, allowing trigger-depressed autofire into crowded areas at an 83% surety factor of avoiding excessive civillian casualties.

Because of it's susceptibility to misuse, only the Dedicated Professionals of the Imperial Commandos and agents of Imperial Counter Intelligence are allowed to carry this mod. Anyone else caught with the gun is considered an assassin subject to Galactic-Penal-Code (GPC) 1527, with a summary trial before Imperial Circuit Judge or Planetary Governor followed by mandatory execution. The Public is actively encouraged of report all violations of the contraband technology and substances code GPC1527 with penalty of death by execution if found to be 'colluding' with the transporter, owner or carrier of said contraband, mandatory interrogation of all colleagues, associates and witnesses to possible transgressions to be carried out by droig administered truth toxin.

While the above should give some clue as to how and when the player might pay to have his pistol made 'kewler', additionally there are three other modifiers to understanding how and why a pistol vs. SMG/carbine or assault rifle is chosen for a particular use:

1. How Often You Have To Carry/Do Other Things
In this case, the ability to also carry and perhaps even simultaneously employ a Light Sabre (available in all but duels) is important while obviously, the weight of a pistol as well as it's concealability are far easier to manage. The player should have options between shoulder wast and back mode carriage of the Bryar.

2. How Tight The Quarters vs. How Wide The Target Dispersion.
A good man with a pistol will beat good men with SMG's because his weapon weight and target servicing (stable aimpoint) speed is actually faster as well as more accurate to bring into play, quickly.

3. How Much Ammo for How Many Engagements.
The power pack for a pistol may actually takes the same space as a conventional SMG or even rifle clip but it will endure for perhaps 3-4 times as many shots.

The commonest ST weapon which looks like an exotic Uzi mod and probably functions like one, operationally. Designed for easy carriage and swing within a crowed city street or building setting; it fires pistol sized fire in a manner that should rapidly suppress large area targets, with minimal dispersion, on full auto. Maybe out to 200m. _Heavy Barrel_. So that it can be literally 'handled' directly, using Storm Trooper assault gloves, without burning through or distorting.

Again keeping in mind that actual absolute range is a function of universal 'absorption' of energy during bolt time of flight passage through our universe and thus 'accuracy' should be nominal out to 250m but hitting power greatly reduced beyond 120.

As a secondary 'Z mode' option to single/full-auto trigger pull duration (which I think is pretty slow in terms of built RPM, selector switch anybody?) modes; I would give the weapon the ability to surge-burst a nearly instantaneous ten round 'mini-bolt' (literally shorter emission period Terminator Lens interval leading to 'half length' pulses refracted in a specific optical fresnel distortion gouping) pattern sized to completely cover a door sized target area, 0-7ft tall X 4ft wide, from a 10 meter standoff.

The only real question I have is over the common carriage of the weapon without a sling. I seem to recall a couple scenes where troopers are shown 'pulling it off' a waist band clip holder but really, SMG are too heavy and long-awkward to be carried for long bumping into your leg. An inertia-reel chest bandolier sling or conventional over-arm flat back mount would make more sense unless the armor itself has boosted articulation to allow long periods of hand carry.

Looking like an old WWII Wehrmacht MG-42 with enlarged bipod/recoil damper side fairings, this is the weapon I would expect to be used on targets like the savaged Sand Crawler where the metal is literally pitted out and partially distortion melted. When Leia used one of these in _Splinter Of The Minds Eye_ she could pick off targets up the full length of a half mile long tunnel shaft (say 800meters) but could barely sling it up to the high point she shot from and was mauled by it's 'thrumming' recoil on all but single fire.

Because of the 'physics presumptions' of a particle displacement discharge energy weapon, I have to assume that for both barrel heating and 'total round' carriage problems, it would be physically unwise to use it at more than 3 round burst automode and rounds-fired should be more like a BAR with say a 25-50 round clip instead of a 200+ round belt.

Against this is the length of the bolt, fully a meter in distance so that ANYTHING you even hit 'close to' should absorb about twice the energy expansion load and be badly hurt by the sudden heat release as the DPR coherent streamer strikes a solid object and basically 'uncoils', like a slinky, all it's temporal energy.

While still something that a light sabre could shunt because it is energy-on-energy focussed without 'detonation', you would have to be Very Careful where you directed the blast lest it literally explode what it hit in your face.

The big problem with current mines is that they are indeed both explosive, over sensitive and 'omni directional'. For any space-faring species these characteristics are /worthless/ for dual use military application in a hard vac. For any condition where you might violate a pressure vessel half a million light years from home, you want to be able to remove the shrapnel effect altogether and focus detonation while avoiding any and all 'precursor' cross-detonation.

Because of this, I would like to suggest the ability to detonate a /wave/ effect (LEX style bug blast) of energy that was literally unstoppable by any but the highest grade military armor (at a distance) or perhaps a fast Force Leap of avoidance.

Mines should bounce up to deliver their weapon effect and multiple mines should also be 'spiders web' delay-fuze linkable so that the enemy can march in amongst them and then get bagged from the heart of a multidirectional killsac overlap. NOT hit the leading edge of the minefield and then watch everything blow up ahead of him. This extends to purposeful EOD attack with rockets and concussion weapons. Shouldn't work (though conversely, single, well placed, hits from any energy weapon would destroy or render inoperative single mines, I think).

At the same time, I would like to think that these could also be the equivalent of sapper charges to blow through walls on command. The more things a weapon CAN do, the more likely I am to want to carry it.

This means a 'multiple even fuze' should be available: Contact/Proximity/Passage Count/Radio-Command with possible lateral/up/out directional blast modes available.

High Energy Plasma poses it's own risks of course but where conventional explosives punch holes it is better to burn and shielded circuitry is safe from any residual EMP effect. It would also be more in 'tune' with the SW universe IMO, where we so rarely see attacks by anything -other than- DE.

Assuming I have 'both hands full', these repulsor lift weapons can fly like a constellation around or ahead of me before flying forward to a point that I laser/monicle designate for attack. No 'bounce' effect of overhand toss in tight spaces and the ability to shut off the repulsor to have it /drop straight/ onto enemy heads over walls or in holes etc.

DD's for short and also called Flash Bangs in our world. Small stick like devices about the size of your middle finger that can be carried almost at will by the user. Will knock out unarmored threats (like they bagged Leia on the Blockade Runner) and provide a dizzying headache to ST's. Can be thrown into a room in either 'quiet' or 'loud' modes.

Like the ones that currently make my life miserable. ARMED like the ones that currently frustrate and piss me off. Effectively commanded to either guard my back or my front within a certain proximity factor so thtat I don't have to actually 'fly' them, personally.

Allows me to see around corners and, if need be, have assistance in kicking the crap out of whatever bad guy I'm shooting at with a little more firepower. Especially where this opponent is another droid, the ability to attack at similar heighted 'circling buzzard' altitudes would be Very Nice.

A small knife with a big bite. Single Molecule Tantalum Steel wire about a hair's width across, capped with an orange float safety bulb. The weapon wire is extremely stiff and sharp in and of itself but becomes LETHALLY KEEN when molecularly excited with a tuning fork type vibration imparted by a tuned tensor field which extends the wire from a (sabre like but often with crossbar safety grip) hilt. Completely legal as long as the orange safety bulb (think ping pong ball) which is visible even when retracted, is not removed.

An expanded vibroblade with a double strength repulsor unit installed in the safety ball and a dual band tensor field. The tensor field is double apertured and dual banded so that the normally unbreakably stiff wire is rendered ductile enough to be retracted around a (usually powered) inertia reel.

This in turn allows the total lenght of wire inside the hilt to be multiplied ten or twenty fold so that it may be 'whipped' like a fly fishing line at an object around which the repulsor bob will intelligent-algorith loop. Pressing a button or twisting the grip will then cause the wire to spring to full straightness outside the hilt as the molecular shift effect is activated to cut-thoughts sharpening.

Totally Illegal and usually noticeable as a function of the exaggerated 'pommel' effect of the inertia real added to the end of the hilt.

Can also be used as a sword or a knife but when cut by a sabre the molecular wire continuity is broken (detuned) and the weapon is useless. Tensor Field can be similarly destabilized by a Jammer.

In the _Han Solo_ book series we get the impression that Chewie uses various 'quarrels', including explosive, armor piercing and poison to get his kills. In ROTJ, we see him fire what looks suspiciously like a blaster (red bolts and all) multiple times at a retreating speederbike. I would like to see several modes of fire for the BC with individual, five round, auto-recocking, physical darts matched to a 'secondary fire' capability that is a blaster with say the damage capability of the Storm Trooper SMG but the range and 3-round burst options of the ST heavy long rifle support weapon. The important advantages should be the ONLY long range weapon with native scope and _total silence_ of operation (except in blaster mode).

NOT a needle gun but rather a full power blaster that is carried on the inside of the arm in a holster with an intelligent muscle twitch sensor that causes weapon release from a spring accelerated, push-forward, recharge socket. This /rapidly/ propels the gun into the users grip. The 'handle' of the weapon is unconventional (think gasoline pump or water sprayer hose attachement) as well and serves to stop the weapon from shooting out of the users hand as well as a safety which, when, when squeezed, exposes the firing trigger. Weapon is pointed like a wand and some have intelligent terminator lens attachments that can be linked to a smart monicle to spray down a wide area.

Several of the Reptilian/Sauroid and Aquatic species favor this style of weapon design because of limited digital manipulation of webbed, tentacled or reduced finger-count extremities. In these cases, the 'wand' (barrel) is usually fixed to the 'arm' secured holster with the ejecto-draw sensor also functioning to retract the weapon and sometimes include a secondary firing cue.

There's Uh New Shereef In Town And I Dun Think He'im Look Cool!:``) To be fired individually at separate (in FOV) targets. Separately between longer 'reload' intervals or together at particularly big, mean-a$$ single-monster targets. Obviously not heavy weapons but pistols and SMG or maybe SMG and Grenade Launchers or even Pistol + Sabre.
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