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Pt. Deux,

Especially for open-LOS (no building interior though rocks and bushes are okay) levels it would be Very Nice to be able to set down a little pepper box style multibarrel mortar weapon that looked like the Soviet RBU-6000:

And which fired overhead 'plunging fire' rounds of smoke, gas, and energy-bombs -whereever- you radio called for it, from up to say 2-3km away.

Set up once and fire for say 10-20 times with 4-5 rounds coming out of each barrel as a 'salvo' burst, and heading to whereever you are on the map.

Beyond simple crush and conquer this system would be excellent for masking the approach to protected entries with smoke or gas gagging unreachably remote snipers, even blasting a /new/ exit from the roof of a building. Just use the laser pointer on say the Bryar pistol click-under-crosshairs.

If yuz ain't got The Force, nothing beats sum good artillery!:-)

The current 'Rail Gun' is more or less unbelievable. It appears to work on the basis of a rocket launcher and it uses a completely unbelievable open rotary magazine at the front end of a weapon that would nominally fire a from the rear along a set of magnetically tracks with the projectile or a baseplate attached to it acting as the electrically opposed pole resistor inbetween. What you are again faced with is a system that uses explosives and fires a projectile at very rapid velocity at potentially vulnerable objects like spaceship hulls.

Better Options... First Off, make the weapon have DEEP BODY DESIGN shaped like the HK G-11 exotic assault rifle

This allows you to put BIG AMMO, standing upright, along the complete upper side of the 'barrel' in a clear sided magazine whose remaining numbers you can round count, easily, and entertainingly, proceeding rewards to the rotary receiver mechanism which (down and around) brings each grenade into alignment with the 'rail gun' acceleration tracks.

Because the weapon is a true bullpup, these rails can run the complete length of the gun from your shoulder up to the muzzle, leaving the 'clip' well in front of the pistol grip to simply be the battery that powers the gun systems and the ranging blaster (which see).

As each round leaves the barrel, include a small graphic showing a 'spit' small piece of metal from the lower half of the muzzle representing the spent EM catapult guide-acceleration bar that was attached to the bottom of the projectile.

IMO, this would look SO much /kewler/ than the weird looking contraption we now have!

Give the player three modes of use: A direct attack (high speed round), a lofting 'catapult' (slow speed) mode and a 'spotting rifle' standard (single auto but long ranging) blaster to measure lead on long range targets for each style of attack and perhaps to whack the odd inconvenient goober that popped to close for grenades.

The weapon should also have four or five forms of ammo.

'Sleeper Rounds' should attach to wall or vital piece of machinery and then energy-burn their way through _on command_ so that you can set multiple charges around a perimeter and then command detonate them all at once to either confuse the enemy AI as to direction of attack or simultaneously shut down key systems.

An alternative, air burst EMP should kill most flying and walking droids as well as quietly disposing of mines without forced detonation.

And a 'thermobaric' (FAE) round could dispense an ionized mist which is then flash detonated by an igniter charge in a huge expanding circle of nastiness. Remember the way Alderaan and the Death Star explode in the SE version? Like that only smaller. If done into a building on the ground floor, you should be able to effectively collapse the entire structure.

Ever seen 'The Soldier'? Like that except maybe wrist mounted. Common Bounty Hunter extra. Able to fire a _lot_ of rounds in a hurry at short range and useful for surprise attacks against softies and at least /slowing down/ Jedi (who can presumeably control their metabolism to filter the effects of whatever darts they don't block, push away or cut-off-arm-from-brain against).

Truth Serum should 'enhance' talk-to-goober interactions and presumeably would be tuned to specific species/race genomes and again with varying results against norms and force users.

So much of what I would like to see in a 'real universe' of Star Wars is actually fairly mundane:

Whether wearing a true Wuss Protector (Shield) or just some form of high-absorption blaster-proof-vest as I described above, you should be able to come up with, eventually, an auxilliary power system which would recouperate dissipation effected depletion from a Back Of Waste reactor pack, not unlike say the one Luke uses to recharge Artoo with on Dagobah. It could be damaged or even destroyed of course but that's life and it would allow us to be rid of the silly 'pick me ups' scattered around.

Similarly, if I /have to have/ a 'free standing' power system, why not make it built into the existing grid of ANY structure, ship or base of operations. The equivalent of a Wall Plug rather than some learing glow of discrete iconographic 'quest'.

I actually like the idea of an active Area Denial capability (Though I wish they wouldn't all codetonate unless I say so) but there should also be something like an 'electronics' or 'chemical sniffer' counter agent available and where the scanner picks up a mine you should be able to fire minimissiles at it to either direct-impact destroy or land neary by and create a 'thumper' signature of approaching biped seismic activity.

The Night Vision Goggles, Field Lamp and any other toys should operate at least as long as our ANVIS systems do. Say a couple game hours not a couple minutes.

The true advantage of military trained force over civillian trained force is directivity. When a soldier is shot at and missed, he figures he ain't dead yet and so turns around to return the attempt, WITH VIGOR. A cop ducts and calls for help. Part of this is pure discipline but _A Large Part_ is also planning. Planning and some more Planning. He knows where he's going, he knows where the enemy is /likely/ to have covering fires or leave behind traps and he knows all the routes to take to get past insurmountable obstacles.

I would like something similar. NOT a 'terrain study' requirement perse because it is after all something of an arcade game, but a artificial assitant to whisper in my ear that "Two crosshalls down, the door on your left" is the route to the armory or prison cell or whatever.

A self driving drill bit or other rammable cylinder that I can bore through one wall to look into a room or other space with. As a 'precursor' aid to deciding if I want to cut through with the Light Sabre or other tool.

Another little stick, like the wall cam, that I can attach or jab into any given surface which will subsequently extend a fiber optic camera filament over the blocking LOS to look and acoustically listen for sniper fire.

This IS a weapon but also a TV camera.

Like a common Smoke Alarm, it can be stuck (or roll-tossed) to the floor, roof or wall at a height where it's out of natural observation and the casing will then shift polymer colors to match the natural background shade (not perfectly invisible but same-shade).

The mount itself is a turret (like on the Civil War Monitor) with dual needle guns which rotate and elevate/depress anyone who is not wearing an ID tag. An irritant more than a threat at long range it can be lethal because it aims for the eyes. Great bot killer but most commonly used to simply cue movement (passage) video observation as a self implaced surveillance system that only you can see on a coded datalink.

Jams MINE DETECTOR and HALL MONITOR and GENERAL (Storm Trooper radio) comms. The one thing that Storm Troopers should do well is yell for help. WHEN they do so that 'help' should come fast (random generation within X proximity of the current battle) as a Phalanx, 5 across and 3 deep, of very ill tempered reinforcements that fire a wall of blaster fire at whatever is butchering their buds. This will stop the callout.

The equivalent of an Elven Cloak and a Predator Suit combined. You are NOT 'invisible' when moving but your background is perfectly matched and smart-fabric contoured to form other than a human outline when you hold still. It protects against alls spectrums (IR=cool etc.) and so is effective against drones, droids and turrets as well as ST helmets.

I've always wanted to use the Powered Anthropomorphic Armor in the final levels of DF1 and wondered what happened that they were never redeveloped for their side or our own. Two forms come to mind. One, like the lower half of an Ostrich with myofiber (neuromuscular) bundleds under a shared datalink triggered 'twitch' controller for a stride of motion about twice as long as normal running movement. Connecting the two legs is a universally jointed pelvis crossbar suspension arrangement that tilts a stretcher like saddle to to 'load' the rider who lies behind a large transparisteel shield. Hit the 'mount' button on a handlebar controller and you tilt back horizontal and move forward on the gimbal to literally 'ride', scrunched down behind the armor, like a cross between a Crotch Rocket and an English Saddle equestrian. _Unlike_ a conventional (i.e. Imperial) 'walker', you actually lie between the legs and under the pelvis so that they plus the whole riding assembly can be twisted laterally and compressed together vertically to fit inside a 6X3ft transport capsule. The system is very strong and will lift a total capacity of say 400lbs to 25mph.

The other is like a hybrid of the Ep.1 robot bikes and the Agrav Skate Board from Back To The Future. Carried like a pack when 'unfolded' it is a high backed bicycle seat with integral repulsor lift and two very strong vertical extension tubes that come down to plug into the top of the cross wise skate board (like a wing). The board has ski-like footboard attachments with motorcycle style (back and forward) differential brake/throttle capability and hand held repulsor lift controls.

Something that lets me cross use magazine/clip/battery whatevers between ENERGY and POWER mode operation. Fewer total ammos to carry, more cross compability. In Alien 1 the heavy disruptor rifles had rifle like clips which Vasquez plugged into special adaptors before attaching to the receiver of her massive gun.

The equivalent of a wheeled dolly and backpack in our world, capable of packing heavy weapons and large cache's of ammo at minimal weight and even useful for personal push-to-glide emergency transport in areas where speed is not a problem but backup (stealthy) exit/entry is. If you push out over a gorge a 100 meters wide with enough energy to glide for 50 meters, you'd better have a grapnel or 'learn the force fast' or that last leap will be a long one. Force Disarm acts like pull/push.

A set of linked mini holographic 'camcorder' projectors that are linked by microreel and can be carried into battle like belt or suspenders. They are attached to any surface with mag grip bases across a door or hallway type enclosed aperture. After which a fine suspension mist is sprayed out and held within a tensor field that expands to fill the given volume and thereafter acts like a fully-stereoscopic 3D movie screen *** lens. The minicorders take an image of the background scene over a given period of time (including repetitive movement if you desire) and then reproject this onto the mist field held in front of the projector line. This allows you to work independantly of anyone on the other side of the mist field in total security from even Droid vision detection. Sound is still a problem though the miniprojectors will produce background noise if told to, they won't mask a dropped spanner exploding bomb or whatever. Nor will the field hold back a blaster bolt. It will mask off a an emplaced heavy weapon, minefield or cause enemy shots to go wide as long as you don't fire back.

The same as the above except the field mist only covers the projectors holographically locally while the rest is a biomass specialized penetrator chemical to pass along the local dermis boundary of many species without odor or sensed 'dampness' while carrying a charge sufficient to knockdown an angry rancor. Or kill it. The discharge intervals (from the projectors, through the mist, into the living grounds) may be passage count set for the number of entrants to a field size that can be as large as to cover a small ship hangar. The bigger the area the less the discharge but the more /danger/ there is from unknown interactions like flammable crate contents or vehicle electronics etc.

Same deal as Air Spies except unarmed and 'innocent' enough not to attract attention. Mobile Video and optional (single use) energy bombs, maybe the ability to open doors or disable mines, quietly.

Better than Night Vision Goggles because they classify mass and volumes across more spectrums (olfactory, near and far IR plus UV, all with different overlay 'colors') and display things like footprints, gas fields, electrical body activity, droid repulsor noise, comms signals and energy weapons location points, all selectively filterable with data ID tags. Han Solo faced a set of these in in his 'Revenge' book atop a little four foot saurian that nearly killed him. A combined full-faceplate system or even 'raybans with skull pack processor' would be good.

Water and Calories are not so well hyped but still _very necessary_ elements of basic fieldcraft that keep you at a steady peak of capability in long-combat conditions. I'm sure that exotic versions of go-nogo and other 'metabolic superchargers' might be available too. Like the 'surge' capabilities of JK1, these should assist your basic movement and trigger rates but would NOT generally be used by a Jedi because his power is so closely linked to his mental state ad getting buzzed is not a smart idea.

When you REALLY, REALLY, need to get somewhere quick or have that supporting strafe run against a hover tank about to run over your Nikes, this would let you do so. It could theoretically extend to multiple first-insert and remote mapped sensor run angles to give a best-initial-dropzone option. 'Replay Value' would soar.

Let's assume that in SW, most building complex computerized environmental networks run on localized subservers that act as both individual 'circuit breakers' and delegated health and environmental conditioning monitors under the supervision of an overall central computer.

IMO, you should be able to deliver a data bomb that either knocks out the whole network or has an ability to use any the building or ship integral sensor network to knockout (or enable) your local proximity access and video monitor so that you can bypass security and selectively maintain lifesupport where needed. Around You.

To make it 'real' it should be possible to disable the bomb by physically detaching the processor box from the dataport to which it is inputting.

So if some Storm Trooper comes up and yanks the hacker device, you are back to fighting on your own (there should be a short animation showing this happen so that you know it has).

Again, Han Solo used this capability in the Bollux Droid system in all three of the Solo Novels and it _worked_, very well.

Smaller versions of the Mirage Screen, perhaps without the mist. Comes complete with 221 needle gun to provide a 'muzzle signature' (at virtually useless range) of a blaster so that enemy visual and mechanical detectors are fooled.

Is designed to be emplaced so that the enemy looks like he's hidden behind a corner or some such and will switch apparent orientation to shoot at multiple targets, 'realistically'.

Good for attacking hard targets where you need time to get close or distracting snipers so you can bypass their protected areas. Remote activateable.

WHEW! Many Thanks if you made it this far and please let me know what you think. Also, if you have other ideas, add them! Maybe if the list is common, and enough 2nd-the-motions included, Raven might be interested...

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