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((Joint post with SM))

Tyler and Eva went through a series of three jumps together, heading straight for the creature nearest to them. At the last moment, Eva broke off from Tyler, drew her sword, and jumped once more, landing directly in front of one of the Arachnids and with something like a warrior's cry, she heaved her sword around, hacking the beast's head entirely off.

On the other hand, Tyler was not faring so well. He had kept on his forward path, at the last moment jumping upward and coming down at the creature's head with his baseball bat. But the wooden bat was no match for the hard skull of the beast before him and it splintered, leaving barely more than the handle in his hands. For a moment of stunned silence, boy and beast stared at one another. Then, the beast roared, and the boy jumped, screaming, "Eva!" and somehow managing to keep the splintered bat's handle in his grip.

He landed just to Eva's left and she, expecting him, had her sword held out to him. He took the sword gratefully, and Eva drew her gun. They jumped again, with Tyler landing next to Nic just as he pulled the trigger of his weapon, effectively ending the beast's life.

"That's gotta hurt," Tyler observed, eying Nic's treatment of the creature. Then, he held out his hand in greeting. "Tyler Whitman."

"Nic White." The mercenary replied, taking the man's hand. "but you can call me Nic, everybody else does."

"Nice to meet you, Nic," Tyler said, shaking the other man's hand. At that moment, another of the Arachnid's charged them. Tyler's eyes widened for half a second and he murmured, "Hold your breath..."

... and then, the two men were standing directly behind the creature, which was immensely puzzled as to where they might have gone...

"What the..." Nic exclaimed, shocked, and then looked at Tyler. "Never do that again!"

Tyler was about to respond, when the creature whirled around and charged them again. At this, the young man dropped Nic's hand and jumped, landing on the beast's back and driving the sword downward into its head.

"Forgive me for saving our lives," he shot to Nic as he hopped over the lifeless beast's head, pulling the sword out as he went. And with that, he jumped once more, landing beside Eva.

"People in general seem rather displeased when you save their lives," he commented to her. Eva merely rolled her eyes and squeezed off a shot from her pistol.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Back across the arena, Nic looked around, wondering where the young man had gone, and finally spotted Tyler and Eva together. With a low growl of disgust, the mercenary faced the beast which Tyler had killed.

"Everywhere I go, someone's messing around with physics," he grumbled.. "I mean, why call them the laws of physics if no one obeys 'em?" With a frustrated grunt, he added, "And this is me, talking to a dead... thing..."

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