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The ugly, bug-like critter that looked like a radscorpion with too many legs leapt at him, giving him the opportunity he had hoped for. He dropped into a roll forward, snatching his minigun up as he did and pulling the trigger, raking the beast with a earsplitting thunder of 7.62mm bullets that quickly turned it into a lump of paste on the dry sands.

"Too easy." He walked over to the third one, that was just now regaining it's feet, jammed the minigun into it's thorax, and pulled the trigger, slicing the beast apart.

The Bugs seemed to be dying pretty quickly, their numbers were about halved.. He slid the minigun back into it's backstrap, reattaching the strap as he did so, then replaced his sledgehammer in it's thigh brace and caught his breath. "I'm getting too old for this."
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