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"Of course not, Kip," Farran answered levelly. "Do you want to be the reason for all that?"

"The way you conduct yourself tells me a different story." The older Jedi scolded. "I am trying to protect you and the others, but each time you go off on your own brings the Sith one step closer to finding us... and I have to ask the question, do you want that?"

"Let me put your question in a somewhat different light," Farran said. "Six of us, all in our late teens. You, a man in his thirties. You go out, work hard, come home, live isolated with the rest of us. Suspicious? Yes, I think so." He shook his head. "Furthermore, the only time the six of us ever leave whatever home you happen to find, it's all of us together."

He snorted. "And you call it a 'family group'... four human-looking men, a girl of seventeen, a Zelosian, and a Lennik? Family indeed..."

"You are still so young and you are arrogant," Kip stated to the younger man. "We have cover stories and I have ensured no one asks the questions that lead to suspicion. We are still a family regardless of each one of our species, you would be wise to remember that, Padawan."

Despite his rebellious nature, Farran cared deeply for these people he found himself with, and it caught him like a slap in the face when the man he sometimes called, "Master" had such a stern rebuke. The younger man blinked.

"Forgive my rashness, Master," he said slowly. "I-I..." He dug into his pocket and pulled out the credits he'd taken. With a sheepish grin, he suggested, "Your spare boots may not be the most inconspicuous place for the money..." And he added hurriedly, "I spent none of it, you have my word."

Kip took the money from Farran's hand slowly and put it into his pocket without counting it. "You are strong with the Force, and could one day be great." The Jedi explained. "but you must learn restraint and control, but you don't seem to want that."

Farran looked troubled at his master's observations. "It's not that I... I want..." He scowled. "Emotion is overwhelming, Master. The Jedi have always taught the release of it. There is no emotion; there is peace... and all that. But how can I deny emotion when it rolls so violent within me?"

"I will teach you." Kip reassured. "Right now however, we must go, leave this world."

With just a trace of a smile, Farran nodded. "You are so predictable, Master," he said. "I packed before I left. I am ready."

Kip patted Farran lightly on the shoulder and returned the smile. "Let us see if your fellow learners are ready to leave."

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