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Resistance. Something Gray Fox would have done back when he was project Null. Now after being resurrected for a second time he really could care less who these people were or where they were taking them. The drug they gave him finally worked its magic and put the undead warrior to sleep...

"No no please don't....AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!"

Gray Fox shot the man at point blank range. The woman began to run but did not get far. His next bullet caught her in the back of the head. Gray Fox quickly cleaned up the blood and placed the bodies in the closet. He then ran up the steps and into a little girl’s room. The girl was sitting on the floor playing with her doll. He pulled out his gun and aimed at her head. His hand began to twitch. The gun was rattling in his hand with no intention on stopping. He holstered the pistol realizing he could not kill the girl as well.

"Frank, are mommy and daddy ok?"

"Yes Naomi mom and dad are fine, now let your brother Frank get you out of here"...

Gray Fox awoke with a jolt, his heart pumping as hard as it could. He was still tormented by that nightmare almost every time he shut his eyes. He looked around and saw a very dry environment. He looked to his right to see 7 people with guards behind them as well. A man by the name of Sklar’lak introduced himself and stated that they had to fight in this arena in order to return back home. While the lizard like creature began answering questions, Gray Fox began to stretch to get his muscles ready. It was not until he began stretching that he noticed his left arm was back and looked the same as it did when he was first fitted into this suit. His heart began to pump, but then so did his feet. It was then he realized the ground was beginning to shake.

“Say hello to your first combat exercise, the Arachnid. All the way from Klendathu, these creatures are just as deadly in scattered numbers as they are in the mass numbers their hives normally dictate they be in. Young Sovonions coming of age are required to work together to take down the creatures with but spears and swords, so let’s see how you fair.”

20 giant buglike creatures emerged from the ground. Gray Fox reached for his High Frequency Blade and prepared to combat these monsters. He then turned to see one of the prisoners be thrown into the air as another monster emerged from its hiding spot. Moments later the man was being attacked by two "Arachnids".

The man had just dived under both Arachnids to avoid their attacks. When Gray Fox turned back around an Arachnid was staring him in the face. Gray Fox slashed at the bug’s face, cutting out one of its eyes. The Arachnid charged Gray Fox. He leapt into the air and brought his Blade down on the one eyed bug's back. It roared in pain as it threw Gray Fox off of it.

The Arachnid brought both its front legs down on Gray Fox, pinning him to the ground. He lifted the leg on his chest with ease and threw the monster to the ground. He jumped over the Arachnid and pulled his High Frequency Blade out of its back. The Arachnid Rose to its feet and tried to stab Gray Fox with one of its legs. He hoped onto the leg and sliced it off. It roared again and tried to pin him to the ground again. He dove under the leg and sliced off one of the back ones. The Arachnid kicked Gray Fox in the back throwing the Cyborg Ninja off balance. Gray Fox hit the ground hard and turned to see the Arachnid’s leg coming down on his face. He rolled to the left and leapt into the air. He grabbed the Arachnid’s "face” and stuck his High Frequency Blade right in between the monster's eyes. The Arachnid gave one last roar and fell to the ground. Gray Fox pulled the blade out of the beast. He had never seen such a strange creature before, he felt a little sorry for the thing that he just killed. This emotion passed rather quickly as he turned to see two more Arachnids charge him. He pulled out his gun and aimed at the one on the left.

“Young Sovonions coming of age are required to work together to take down the creatures with but spears and swords”

Gray Fox placed the gun on the ground.

If these young sovonians are forced take these things out without guns, then so will I Gray Fox thought to himself.

He took his HFB and threw it at the one on the left. His blade soared across the arena and hit the Arachnid right in between the eyes. The bug tripped over itself as it fell to the ground. Now weaponless Gray Fox charged the other Arachnid. The beast came at him head on and at the last second he jumped over it. He sprinted over to the Arachnid he had just killed and removed his HFB. He turned to see that the Arachnid was attempting another charge. He activated his stealth camouflage and stepped to the right. The beast came to a halt searching for its prey. The creature felt a sharp pain as Gray Fox stabbed the creature in the back. It roared in pain but it was not the only one screaming. It was happening again. The electrical shock ran up and down Gray Fox’s body, but he was waiting for this. He grabbed his HFB by the blade and held on to it. The electricity moved down the sword and went into the creature. The electricity killed the Arachnid from the inside, and it fell right where it stood. Gray Fox removed his blade and wiped the blood off of it. He turned waiting for another to attack.

Let the cowards come to you he thought to himself, waiting for one of the bugs to make a move.
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