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Originally Posted by millinniummany3
Is Revan a cheat? Because I think s\he is the coolest, as you can play them exactly to how you like them.
Revan is your player character. Not a Party member. If you read the title of the thread then you would notice that it only includes party members.

Originally Posted by ThatEvilDude
HK-47 is funny but bastila just owns to much and the whole romance thing just adds another element, i was really sad when you lose her when she turns darkside.
You can redeem Bastila after you beat her on the Star Forge. If you didn't do the Romance with her then you will need a very high persuade skill. If you did then you can redeem her by saying very lovey dovy things to her. Then at the final scene of the game where you are being hailed as the prodigal knight she is standing behind you

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