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Well...Galaxies proved us every single (standard*) Star Wars fan wants to swing a lightsaber, even destroying the game with 2 million Jedi running around.

If a fanboy* would have to choose between fighting with an unknown, not from the movies-character, they might not buy the game. It's simple fact...

Most of the people here (especially the ones in the roleplaying or fanfic threads) have a 'wider' view of Star Wars. What's wrong with playing a smuggler or non-force sensitive? Too bad most 'fanboys' want to play with movie characters. The same thing led to all the cameo's in the Star Wars games.
Most of you must have played Jedi Academy. It features cameo's of: Luke Skywalker, Kyle Katarn, Chewbacca, Millennium Falcon, Darth Vader (although just a statue), Echo Base, C-3po, r2-d2 and many more. Of course it's nice, but it's in essence nothing more then fanboy loving.

I'm afraid Kotor 3 has become the victim of this. Why give the people an original game with a new backstory when you can throw in 27.034 cameo's into a Vader action game and be sure to drown in the money you make?

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