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For the demo, I wouldnt mind seeing a stand alone single player map, perhaps even just an addition of the one they showed at e3 so they dont have to go to too much trouble, and can focus their time on the full game.

But I think 1 MP map is a bit little. Seeing as saber battles are going to be so much more a part of JK2, I'd be thinking they would include a sabers only map, and a map suitable for sabers and gun play. 2 or 3 skins should do it, but I'd make all saber colours available so people can experiment in anticipation.

What would you guys prefer, and think would suit the game better?

A stand alone demo SP mission (ala HalfLife)
A full-version-included SP mission (ala JK)

As much as I loved mission 6 in JediKnight, which was one of my favourite ones..... I still think deep down I'd prefer to see Raven make something special for the demo, if they have time. But that's just my opinion.

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