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Post Jedi Outcast Enemies

We know for sure now that there will be Stormtroopers, Officers, Grans, Gamorrean Guards, Rodians, Probe Droids, the dark Jedi with ponytail,and according to a few pics from PC Gamer, a bounty hunter-looking character.

Who else would you like to see make an appearance?

Personally, #1 on my list would be some Noghri, they sound so vicious in the books.

Second I would like to see Dark Jedi as regular enemies in some levels(not bosses). It would add a lot to the depth of the game and since Raven is focusing more on the lightsaber, I'm hoping they are planning on it.

Lastly I want to see some never before seen enemies from Raven and Lucasarts themselves.
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