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Krayt Dragons.
So as to give Rancors a rest...

The 'Vicious Teddy Bear' from _Splinter Of The Minds Eye_.

The Xim War Robots. Ten different kinds of death from grapnels to disruptors to heat beams to acid sprays. About 3.5 meters tall.

The Lizard Man 'gunman' from _Han Solo At Stars End_ (you could use the Star Trek lizard guy from the duel where Kirk 'rediscovers gunpowder' as a base model).

Killer Wookies, complete with crossbows.

Creatures who, close or far, are either BIGGER than our characters, both wide AND tall, or which move (very quickly) more like say a gecko going up a wall rather than simply bipedally.

Massed Stormtroopers as from Ep.4SE where Han Comes around the corner and 'They They Are' lined up in column rank.

Military Unit doctrine is always and _all_ about MASSING fires. Such that if you set off an alarm, you should find yourself facing not a 'flying squad' of angry snow men, not just 1-2 more, scattered about.

Creatures which flew would be nice too, provided my Sabre Throw could be 'guided'. There are quite a few of the Ep.1 background creature arts which are quite neat and not necessarily 'birdlike' (flying carpet, tiny dragon-moths etc. etc.).


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