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Originally posted by SlowbieOne:
<STRONG>Isn't Boba Fett dead at this point in time?

It would be cool to run into him and his crew(Bossk, Dengar the Drunk, Zuckuss, and IG-88's long lost brother?) </STRONG>
He survived the sarlaac pit, its stated at

the offical starwars webpage

i think it would be rather cool to fight boba fett, since han actually finds out he's alive around this time (everyone starts to know boba fett is alive by the time han solo does), it would be cool to fight him (not kill him!), heh could be a challenge as he would be fast with his jetpack.

[P.S] Damn slowbie, whens the last time you went on the zone? i wanna play you sbx ver2!!
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