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"Young Sovonions coming of age are required to work together to take down the creatures with but spears and swords.

As the Arachnids approached, Jasra's eyes narrowed. "I hate spiders...," she grumbled, then flourished her lightsaber and readied herself for the onslaught.

The first creature that reached her stabbed at her with its sharp, pointed chelicerae. With her Force-enhanced reactions, she easily dodged them and for a moment she thought she would just see what the creature would do next instead of immediately slicing it in two. It raised itself up on two legs, hissed threateningly, and then lunged at her again.

Once more she dodged the attack, but then she sensed another creature coming up behind her. "Two against one? Not fair." Without even looking, she slashed behind her back with her lightsaber, slicing the front legs of the creature behind her in half, then spinning around with a follow-through slash to the body of the creature in front of her.

"Ugh!" She grimaced at the smell of burnt arachnid carapace. "Kriffin' hell! Are these stink bugs or spiders?" She shivered, then proceeded to finish off the creature that was hobbling about on two legs behind her by slicing it vertically in two with her blade.

She looked around. There were still several arachnids approaching her as well as around the other 'gladiators'. She took a deep breath, concentrated for a second or two, and then....

A powerful Force wave scattered the arachnids as if they had been caught in a blast.

"There," Jasra said flatly to the rest of the gladiators. She gave a quick grin. "Thinned them out a bit for you."

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