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Originally posted by Denise:
<STRONG>Our Intrepid Hero™ beat Boba Fett once before (Dark Forces), and that was without the Force. Between that experience and tangling with Luke, one would think the poor clown would steer WELL clear of Kyle Katarn, Jedi in general, and most especially a Jedi Kyle Katarn.

Not that slapping him around again wouldn't be amusing, to be sure.

Nah, boba fett was always picked on by lucas, (**shakes his fist at lucas*Damn lucas!!) he didnt get a decent death/near death scene in return of the jedi :\. Heh i think he shoulda put up more of a fight, guess george needed to cut some time or something. Why? Cause, if the mandolorians are supposed to be all high and mighty (jedi killers), then why and how did han easilly *poke* the jetpack throwing fett over. Bad script i tell ya!! Also, boba could train and become better, and i think boba shoulda won that fight with kyle in DF, (not really a hardcore fett fan, but, he deserves a decent scene FOR ONCE! STOP PICKING ON FETT!!!!)
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