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how about a varity of aliens, and you dont know if their friend or foe.... maybe they wouldnt start shooting at you right away, maybe even give you some useful info, then when you turn around to leave, they whip out a pistol and blast you in the back... the only people who walk around with guns out all the time are security guard-types, and stormtroopers. so, your average alien wouldnt have a gun out, unless they knew you were coming, and had orders to kill you. the normal people you see should all have their weapons holstered...

the fact that they dont know your coming, and that you cannot tell who is the enemy would be heightened by more non-linear levels... one of my favorite LA levels is Sanctuary in Outlaws, simply because its not linear at all, its a damn town!! even the nar shaddaa level in jk was linear, if you could make levels that were huge rolling landscapes, or cityscapes with multiple building to enter, elevators, multiple floors to visit, subway (or equivalent) systems, that would make finding the true enemy all the more great, and gameplay and replayability is heightened...

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