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Boba Fett...yes...

An interesting character with limitless potential for a mini-storyline revolving around him.

As an example:
Boba Fett, Bossk and Dengar advance on you. You are armed only with your lightsaber after being knocked out by stun blast from Boba Fett (in an earlier part of the level--if you defeated Fett, he'd take off on Slave 1).
The three draw their blasters. You reach for your notice it hanging from Fett's belt.
You attempt to draw on the Force...not there. You notice the ysalamri on the far wall. You scramble to your feet. Boba Fett takes up an enforcer's position at the back of the formation. Dengar and Bossk take aim.
Boba Fett shoots his cable, tying them up, and takes them away to collect bounties. He helps you through the rest of level out of respect for you...

And a lump sum.

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