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Post What will I need to play JK II

My computer has only the built in graphics accelerator that can barely handle X-Wing Alliance, which is my most high tech game I have right now, so for JKII, I know I'll need something with a bit more punch. So, what do you guys think I'll need to play JKII?

In this weeks Best Buy ad, there is one on sale for $99.99. Here's what it is: 64MB GeForce2 MX400 PCI Graphics Card. Features 256-bit 2D and 3D graphics acceleration and a 350MHz Ramdac processor. Produces up to 800 million texels per second.

You guys think that will run it, or will nothing short of the GeForce 3 do it? Also, anyone know when the system requirements will be released for the game? That would answer my first question for me.

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