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Hello once again.

Well, it's that time again. It's time for me to get a new computer.
Here's what I know what I want thus far:
1) Serious gaming capability (as in, being able to play the latest, but not excessive power)
2) Vista Home Premium (yea...I know...but it's me...seriously)
3) Even a 150 gig hard drive would do
4) I'd really want this thing pre-built (I don't want to hassle putting it together...)

I really don't have that massive of a budget ($700-900), and before you tell me I know that I'm not going to get that much out of that little amount of money, I just want some advice.

I'd be fine with getting a good base system and upgrading the RAM and Video Card, but not the processor. Any suggestions for what machine to get (include links to the sites and whatnot...and yes, I know bout upgrading w/ Newegg and stuff...).

Well, I hope that wasn't too hard to understand.


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