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Zionist's motion to dive at the last moment caused the two Arachnids charging him to collide yet again as he rolled to his feet behind them. He charged them in their disarray and made an inhuman leap to land on the side of one of the creatures, grasping at whatever holds its body offered. It did not take this very well and buckled like a rodeo bull, but Zionist held true as he tried to plunge his wrist-spike into the area between it's eyes, the nerve cluster.

Okay so I hit the nerve cluster, jump off as it hits the ground, and then deal with the-, Zionist thought to himself as he held on, though it was cut short as a pain seared across his back. The other Arachnid, who was still attempting to kill him, had gotten a clear opening and barely missed with one of its forelegs, leaving a gash on his back. Black blood seeped from the wound and the edge on the Arachnid's forearm was melted away. Despite the interruption though, Zionist at that moment plunged his wrist-spike into the one-eyed Arachnid's nerve cluster.

It dropped like a sack of bricks. That being said, once it happened the other was on him instantly. He dove to his right as a pair of still-deadly forearms logged themselves where his was not a second before. Zionist leaped to his feet as the Arachnid turned towards him again, letting out an alien screech of anger. Inside, Zionist could feel the seething irritation that the parasite and virus felt towards this creature.

The Arachnid screeched again and closed the gap between them, not a few feet, and attempted to impale him with the sharp hooks at the ends of its jaw. Zionist dove to the side again, though the creature learned from the the previous encounter and did an immediate shift to face him with all its momentum. This time he was barely getting to his feet when he was jaw-butted by the Arachnid into the air.

Zionist landed with a grunt, noting a sharp pain running from his chest where he had been hit. The area on his back where he had been gashed had been hidden by his advanced body suit stitching itself back together, though it still bled. He discarded these pains from his awareness and immediately jumped to his feet as the Arachnid attempted to take advantage of his toss, charging him for the kill this time. If things had gone the way Zionist would have wanted them to, it would have been fancy footwork and no damage on himself. However he did not count on an Arachnid coming up from behind and impaling his upper-right torso with one of its forearms. Nor did he expect for the creature to be knocked straight over him by a blast of some apparent invisible force and into the Arachnid charging him, leaving its forearm embedded in him and being incinerated by his blood.

Looking down at the sharp leg prodding from his shoulder and then to the two tangled Arachnids, Zionist wasn't sure what to be more surprised at: that the Arachnid who had done it had been flung into the one charging him, the fact that he wasn't feeling the pain of the shoulder impaling, or the nightmarish sight of the biomechancial virus now infecting both of the Arachnids.

The Arachnid that had stabbed him was changed first. Immediately crimson sparks began to course over its body and all of its coloration began to changed to a gore-ish red. A visible layer of what appeared to be gore itself began to grow on parts of the creatures exoskeleton, along with some form of circuitry or another. Where the forearm and been lost another grew in the very horrific sense into a sharper, much more intimidating and deadly weapon. This change was also applied to the jaws and other legs, and by the time the infection was complete, it looked like a monster sprung from hell itself. All of this while the creature infected let out wails of terror and agony, and even its partner showed fear as it turned in not a span of roughly 15 to 20 seconds. Even so this did not stop the partner from attacking, seeing this new abomination as no longer one of its own. Sadly, it did not even get to move forward a step before one of the infected Arachnid's head-arms turned and shot some sort of crimson particle beam at the partner, resulting in its infection as well.

Parts will join us, the virus stated with a delighted tone, the voice of a seductress who's venom was their tongue. Zionist on the other hand felt disgust at, but did nothing as his bodysuit stitched itself up once again, forcing the remaining limb still stuck in his shoulder out as it did. While it would treat Zionist's wounds, it wasn't an instant one. So, for the moment, he would have to pretend the infection was his doing and go along with it, unless he wanted a major mental battle this very moment. Don't infect the people, he said to it/her, and she agreed to this.

With this, the two infected Arachnids immediately charged the normal ones and began to tear them apart even as 7 more arose from the sands, Zionist keeping close to ensure the safety of the others.
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