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Ditto, dude. We all love Revan, but even if he had Exile, Ani and OBi, Luke, Jacen, Mara, Mace, and Yoda it would be a chore to kill the entire staff of a capitol ship. Escpecially if said crew still had control of all the ships systems and could easily vent in toxic wastes or done somthing else fiendishly destructive. This of course assumes the turrets weren't automated and people besides the gunnery crews were authorized to even touch those turret computers.

As for the ten Sith who didn't go after Carth, perhaps he had jammed or locked the blast door and they were waiting for heaveir equipment, renforcements, or the chap to hack the ship's mainfraim and open the door that way. Either that or they were discussing the gossip column in Being's Holozine.

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