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You said any Echani guy or girl, correct? If so than my vote falls for Raskta Lsu from Darth Bane: Rule of Two. She was a Jedi master who survived the Seven Battles of Ruusan, and indeed the climax of the New Sith Wars around 1,000 BBY. She was a Jar'Kai practitioner, weilding a pair of blue lightsabers with exceptional skill. During the duel on Tython she was the most formidable of the Jedi facing Darth Bane and his diminutive apprentice. She rather reminds one of Saora Antanna from the Jedi Quest series, only a better fighter. See the adress if you're a sceptical type who doesn't think she actually exists, or read the book I hardly care so long as none of you accuse me of making her up.

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