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Originally Posted by Totenkopf
Don't forget, an American supercarrier is only ~1100 feet long and has a crew of over 5000 people.
Well, to be fair the tech on the starship is probably alot more advanced, requiring less seamen to operate. Plus the ~5000 would be when it is fully crewed.

If I remember right 1000 or so seems to be for the typical starship... and the one you are on is more like a capital ship, which means more seamen for everyone.

Plus, the playable area is just a small section on the ship. There are definitely lots of places not accessable to the character for playability sake. If the whole inside is accessable it would be like a small city... too much map reading to do, too many unnecessary details not related to the story, weeks worth of play time doing the stupidest things like trying to set mines in the washroom for the unsuspecting trooper, or or hiding in the female shower...

Sometimes gameplay > reality. That is also why you never see Bastila shower/fart during the whole trip.
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