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Originally Posted by Darth Badguy
In my opinion, the execution of order 66 was really really bad. The clones could have done it without any losses and even Yoda and Obi One could have been killed.

Take Ki Adi Mundu. The clones get Order 66 and what do they do? They go stand behind him and reload, one by one. I mean, wtf? They could have reloaded a long time before and if they had to reload now, reload together, not one after the other... even a gungan could have taken some clones with him now...

And what about obi-one? Instead of using a large group of snipers to take him down and some heavy troopers with bazookas to fisnih it, COdy decides to take ONE, SINGLE heavy trooper!!! Why? In the battle of Utapau there were THOUSANDS of clones...

Yoda at last. A clone trooper walks toward a Scout Trooper to tell him "Let's kill Yoda". A Scout Trooper. He has a damn sniperrifle!!! And what do they doe? They walk towards Yoda and stop one meter behind him...

Why did it sucked, it doesn't matter if the one that was trying to kill yoda was a scout if you say he was standing one metre from him.
And remeber on utapau the were still battling the separatists. And if your canon is so accurate why use something else, and also don't forget that snipers shoot on targets that move slowly or don't move.

That beast from obi did ran very fast he.
And i never have seen one heavy trooper from the clones!!

And you are right with ki adi mundi's death, they could have reloaded all together, but it makes that scene more attractive when there is a little evading of the lasers to make the jedi don't look to weak.
(this was already a scene on felucia whit that blue jedi woman thing)
i don't know her name right now.

I agree, it could have been better but it certainly doesn't suck

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