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Originally Posted by Darth Moeller
Well I don't know the official reason for how Palpatine came up with it (if there is one) but I know in, I believe, Dutch, Vader means father. So that's how they got the name.

That is absolutly correct.
I'm dutch, but it certainly doesnt have to do anything with his name.
Not one dutchy worked on the starwars series so it would be weird if it has anything to do with that. (unfortunatly)

But I think that the emperor just thought a moment and then quickly concluded that he wants him to be named as vader.
So he doesn't really takes a while to think about it.
But i must admit i dit relate his name with the dutch word vader. I was 8 years old but it maked sense for me back then that they had it the whole time about darth vader, that actually was the father of luke.

Is vader a word with a certain meaning in english???

Originally Posted by PoiuyWired
So, Darth Vader could be translated as "Black Daddy" ??

Hehe yes indeed

Originally Posted by Darth Badguy
I don't tink it has anything to do with Dutch. I would like it if he was really called after a Dutch word (I'm Dutch ) but it doesn't make any sense... why would George Lucas read the dictionary of one of the smallest countrys in the world with a Prime-Minister of which George Bush can't even remember his name (Jan Peter Balkenende)? It's more like (In)vader, attacker, leader of the invasion...

I was thinking of my earlier post, Lucas is a backname in dutch!!!
Maybe his ancesters where dutch, maybe he related the fact that darth vader was the father of luke (don't forget that the movies need to be correct against the original trilogy)
Maybe it thought 'vader' sounded good in English

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