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D.J waited until Akira finally left.

"So Caedus. Who's going to make the first move?" D.J knew he had no hope of winning by himself. Though he heard barely anything about Caedus the force around him just scared him. Something about his dark expression and sunken eyes made him seem more powerful.

And here D.J was. Barely a Jedi consular and his master died before she could teach him anything remotely important. Though D.J's dueling skills were good in the eyes of other masters he had never faced a sith lord before. He just got lectured day in and out by Zarnia about how they can't be trusted

D.J hoped that Akira could run fast. He waited for Caedus to make the first move. It was always the style that D.J held. Even in parlor games he always made the opponent move first.

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