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(( I do. Or, at least I think I do. I have the piece of Magicite as well. ))

Errol looked as he saw Souvi run toward the dragon; with that steel, gleaming steel blade shimmering across the darkness, as a bright turqouise shone off of the blade from the rapid bullets. The White Dragon was certainly a ghoulish creature, its angry face showing traces of delight.

Looking at the shimmering blue light radiating off of the bullets, brought his attention to the Magicite. Maybe, there were enough magick in there for Espers to work? That is, if Espers exist at all. That being said, he had to be the most careful; combined with both the Spirit Orb, AND the Magicite could work to his advantage...

...if only Errol knew how to tap its energy. He ran next to Randon, and looked at the ongoing battle against the White Death.
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