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"You Jedi just love to talk and talk, don't you ever get tired of it?" said Aito to his newly acquired prisoner, "stop yapping and yet down on the floor, hands behind you head"

As he barked the orders, he took out a pair of highly stun-cuffs, but then thought that the Jedi wouldn't hesitate from using the Force to free himself and neutralize him, so he played it safe; he switched his plaster settings from kill to stun.

"Forget what I just said, this may sting a little" stated Aito as he aimed the blaster towards Jak

_____________________________________________ - _ -

Something was going on on the other side of the door, because the hot sparks had stopped, and the door had returned to his cool gray look.

"Did something happened to those kids?" wondered Han Solo, feeling worried all of the sudden. "I know that they are jedi and can take care of themselves, but still..."

Just when he getting a little more closer to the door to try to see what was going on, Tobias caught him and stopped him dead in his tracks with a punch to the stomach. "Whoa, hold on there buddy" said the thug, "are you in that much of a hurry to leave?"

"Well, this party is dead stiff as a corpse and there are neither drinks or dancing girls, so I going to try my luck somewhere else" rebuked Han with a small smile on his face

"You're right on one account Solo, you're luck is running out. If it weren't for the bounty money, you would have been dead long ago" responded the leader, "and speaking of running out of luck, your has run out boss, sorry"

Tobias aimed his blaster rifle at Nobo and fired, some of Nobo's bodyguards tried to protect him, but failed, paying their failure with their lives. "I won't be pleased to get payed 5 % of the total bounty, I want more than half"

Yes, betrayals were around the corner on Nar Shaddaa, so Han wasn't very surprised, but he knew now that he was in deeper trouble because his new captor's patience was getting thin.


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