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Originally Posted by stingerhs
AMD sticks it to Intel via integrated graphics
AMD's new 780G mobo's are something serious. it has integrated graphics, but this one doesn't suck as per the norm.
ooh yum! the htpc crowd are very excited about this one. Intels highest is GMA 960, which whilst OK for 720i/pp, still will struggle on a 1080i/p display(especially for vista). nvidias highest integrated chipset was 7200(or 7300) last I checked = bollocks for 1080i/p

see good ole AMD, full o damn surprises. I shouldnt be too surprised, AMD has previously announced they were edging into the HTPC market, and have previously shown off prototype AMD branded entire htpcs no less. Of course they also have firmly established their AMD Live suite as well, which is aimed at the htpc crowd and includes Orb(remote access to TV), network magic, the best networking proggie in the world!


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