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Originally Posted by Jae Onasi
Well, since I'm interested in dual-booting xp on my new laptop, and the old laptop is nearly toast, I was wondering if I could pull xp from the old laptop to install on the new laptop (or use the program on the startup disk). I'd rather not have to pay for a copy of xp when I have one sitting around already getting unused. Old lappy is Compaq, new is HP pavilion.
Ive seen different things with compaq(who are part of HP nowdays). In some instances, theyve given out a proper install disc with a setup, but more often than not(especially recently) will turf out an undesirable system restore disc, or even just put a backup image on a locked partition(and make you order a disc for $25 if you really need one)

setting up a new install of a backup image that does its own partitioning, has its own set of drivers etc. is possible, but many pitfalls exist for different conditions. Its be much easier if they gave you a proper setup disk > but even then you will have activation issues

Or you could try a linux variant. It will do most things XP can do...including running KOTOR it seems Unless you have a very specific program you want to use that isnt viable in linux, then its a good, free alternative. It will also level you up Geek+1

I havent played with linux in a while, when I did I was most fond of Mint, which was a strain of ubuntu IIRC. But there are many options out there if you are considering going the linux route.


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