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Originally Posted by Ray Jones
I think Jae is a Windows gal, Astro.

But I'm afraid, Jae, without a proper installation disc, you're pretty much screwed. :/
The only thing I can think of that might work is deploying a backup image of Jaes current install. Of course, you need a third party app to do the backing up, and reinstalling it. But its a helluva roundabout way of doing it

I did the equivalent of this with two desktops, using Norton Ghost 9. A backup install was made, and the same image placed onto another desktop PCs HD. It recreated the 80gb partition exactly from the original desktop HD on the new 750GB HDD. I had to go in there with a partition manager later on to clean it up and get the partitions the way I wanted them. Still worked though

Activation issues wont apply as you are restoring a snapshot of a full install.
ASTRO EDIT- actually they might! In the instance of **restoring an existing** vista install after an xp install(ie.not a fresh vista install after xp, as in original guide above), Vista may prompt to re-enter a product code, even if you happen to have an enterprise copy of vista that requires no activation!! This is only to particular hardware though. So, just a little warning for those contemplating it. (I had to ring MS to get an 'unlock a product that should never be locked' code)...lolz. If you have the luxury of doing so, installing XP>then Vista fresh(as in the guide above) is the least hasslesome by far, from an activation point of view


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