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Coruscant Entertainment Center

The End of Something Grand
Lord Sturkie

Before the Yuuzhan Vong left their galaxy: Two young apprentices vie against each other.

The writing is well done, the piece interesting in giving the alien menace of later years an almost human aspect.

Welcome to the forum and well done.

Battle of Dxun

Itís too not to in the first paragraph. Remember conversation breaks. Also, remember to edit before posting if not using a spell checker, since destroy is the correct spelling as is approach.

Welcome to this forum, kid.


Knights of the Rebellion
Cy Ndakiel

After TSL: Carth and Revan meet again, but the adventures arenít over.

The workmanship is journeyman work, and deserves a read. The characters are well enough fleshed out that the reader can visualize them readily.

The basic story as other have belabored, does have that slight plot twist that jars the reader. If it had been longer, or the explanation had been more detailed, I donít think there would be a problem.

For a Noob, it isnít bad. Keep it up.

Message from the Heart
Darth Meatbag
Ten years after KOTOR: The Exile and Atton reunite.

Posted 15 Dec on the Lucasforums Coruscant Entertainment with the following review:

After KOTOR II: The reuniting of the exile and Atton.
The piece is a slice of life that tells a great deal not only about the exile, but Carth and Revan as well. Very well done.

Reprise Pick of the week

Despiva Kaioh

Ten years after KOTOR: Revan and the Exile meet again, but not for long.

The piece flows well, and the ending while a surprise, was in itís own way a pleasant one. Sometimes youíre too busy trying to save others to understand they might have the same thoughts.

Pick of the Week.

Beneath the Burning Sky

During the Mandalorian Wars: A view of the prelude to a battle.

The piece needs some editing, primarily because of spelling, but on the whole well done.

This is one of the few pieces I have seen where the average Mandalorian is not painted merely as a homicidal maniac because his profession is war. Well worth reading.

Of Jokes and Dreams
Glass Mermaid

During and right after TSL: You can never match the image you create of your rivalÖ

The piece has some spelling errors, and could use editing, but beyond that it is excellent.

The basis of the story is well done, showing all of the ways a man in love will tell himself he isnít worthy of the woman he loves. Well worth reading.

Pick of the week.

Patterns of Betrayal and Redemption--Prologue
Bald As Malak

Six months after KOTOR: A nightmare sends Revan into the unknownÖ

Too short to really call for style, yet an interesting twist on why Revan had to go into the darkness alone.

Cast of a Thousand Shoulders: (1) In the Tale, a Story

Covering from after the Mandalorian Wars to the end of TSL: Some debts have to be repaid in different waysÖ

The style is a bit confusing and stilted, but by the same token once you get a feel for it, quite fun to read. It wasnít until a quarter of the way through that I figured out who was who, but once I did it made perfect sense. Itís like the chiaroscuro pictures they have where you have to look at it to find the image, but once you see it, you automatically see it every time.

KotOR III Destiny's Call Chapter 1
Kandon Kuuson

After TSL: A new adventure begins

The primary problems are stilted sentences and misspelling. These are editing problems, easily corrected.

The story is workmanlike, and flows well beyond that. The only question I have is the one the other reviewers asked; How did Revan die?

The Long Goodbye
Codename SailorV

The end of TSL: The Exile says goodbye from Visasí viewpoint

What can I say, one of the best I have seen this week. The way Visas tries to find a way to stop her, and all arguments are shot down is perfect.

Pick of the week.

Tough Love

During TSL: The title says it all.

The rare evil Atton story so far have been some of the best work I have seen here. Not that the man canít be the good guy, but because when he goes bad he really goes bad. You canít think of anything beyond him

Pick of the week.

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