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Originally Posted by Kylilin
The problem with the Clinton campaign is that she is running against someone who is almost universally likable, and the Obama campaign has been nothing less than flawless.
Haha! As Obama's foreign policy adviser announces her resignation after calling Hillary a "monster" (guess that's what they mean about the truth setting you free).

Originally Posted by Kylilin
If you look at their stances on the issues, they are almost identical in every way, so the only thing Clinton has to campaign on is her experience in the White House and as a New York State Senator (a job at which she has performed very well) and on character.
You'll have to explain to me why you feel this is true. You might want to start by researching their Senate records.

Originally Posted by Kylilin
This leaves Senator Clinton in a tenuous spot because of that past experience in the White House has left her as much of a maligned figure as she is a loved one.
This is probably true.

Originally Posted by Kylilin
Senaor Obama on the other hand, has no negative past to speak of, and is seen (rightfully so) as the more positive candidate.
Probably true as well. I wish we had more info on the Rezko thing. I trust Obama far more than I trust most politicians but the whole smelly mess does give me pause.

Originally Posted by Kylilin
Senator Clinton I believe will continue her campaign, and I think she should, they are virtually even in the number of delegates they have, and as long as that is close, I don't see any reason why she shouldn't continue to press her case to the public.
By most counts he's about 100 delegates ahead. Considering that you need thousands to secure the nomination, that might not seem like a lot but consider how many delegates are still up for grabs and the fact that Hillary doesn't have a lot of "big wins" under her belt (granted the ones she does have are in big states, however how many of those are left?) and it would seem that her *only* chance is if the superdelegates start flocking to her in droves.

...even though she's running a dirty campaign and Obama is destroying her in fundraising.

...and he's ahead in pledged delegates.

PS: if this happens, the DNC can take me off their mailing list because that will be the last time this Independent will participate in a Democratic contest.

Originally Posted by Kylilin
But if the time comes when she start losing primaries bigtime, I believe Clinton will bow out graciously, and make an outstanding Vice-President too!
You mean like the entire month of February (obviously excluding Feb 5th). She went 29 days without a victory. He beat her by nearly 300% in two contests. Is anyone here still thinking that this *isn't* about her ego?

And FWIW, Obama better have one doozy of a pitch prepared because if he invites her to be his VP, he's going to look like a hypocrite.

John Edwards, if you're reading this, that goes for your endorsement too.
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